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Peter Stone Marwaris

The Marwari is a rare breed native to India that is known for its unique inward-facing, curved ear tips. They are a hardy breed that often have fiery personalities. Marwaris come in nearly every color, but pintos and solids with sizable leg and face markings are most common. 

Stone produces traditional size Marwaris on the Arabian mold, most often with a swish tail, and Chip-size Marwaris on the Morgan mold, also with a swish tail. I collect (hoard) both. They have also produced a Kathiawari, a breed closely related to the Marwari, on the traditional Thoroughbred mold, but I do not collect those (yet).

traditional arab

Vishnu seal bay tobiano, 2014 LE15 (glossy)

DAH mulberry grey, 2013 (glossy)

DAH dark grey, 2013 (glossy)

DAH black tobiano, 2013 (glossy)

Sugar Frostsleigh palomino, 2016 OOAK (glossy)

Painted by Sheryl Leisure

DAH buckskin, 2013 (glossy)

Alabaster Dream Scare grey sabino, 201x OOAK (glossy), Painted by Sheryl Leisure

DAH rose grey, 2014 (glossy)

Pemberly bay tobiano, 2013 LE10 (glossy)

Produced for Equilocity 2013

DAH chestnut splash, 2014 (matte)

DAH chocolate roan, 2013 (glossy)

Best Offer + UCI dark liver chestnut, 2017 (matte)

Customized by Shawn Diamond, painted by Julie Keim

DAH frosty dun, 2013 (matte)

YCI Arabian Yearling bay tobiano, 2010 (glossy)

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