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Stone Rainbow Unicorns

A series of rainbow unicorns, most with the extreme long mane and tail customizations, have been released by Stone starting in 2017. Audrey Dixon has painted almost all of the series herself, including the first model with this design, a OOAK pony unicorn that she owns. Missy Fox painted Mystic. 

Soleil Andalusian, 2017 LEx (glossy)

Mystic Ideal Stock Horse, 2017 LEx (glossy)

A second run of x was restocked without the forehead rhinestone.

Lunar Pony, 2017 OOAK (glossy)

Sold at Little Horse Auction 2017

The OOAK unicorn version of this pony with long mane & tail is owned by Audrey Dixon, so I settled for the matching no-horn :)

Harmonious Arabian, 2018 LE31 (satin matte)

Zuzana Arabian Yearling, 2018 factory sample, LE11 (glossy)

Signed by Audrey Dixon

Lyric Rearing Pebbles, 2019, LE30 (glossy)

Soleil Mini-Me Andalusian Chip, 2017 LE14 (glossy)

Mystic Mini-Me Quarter Horse Chip, 2017 LE15 (glossy)

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